Balclutha Primary School - T3 Wk 7

Newsletter 9 September 2022

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Principal's Report

Kia Ora e te Whānau and welcome to the end of Week 7.

Today we woke up to the news that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away and we have a new monarch.

As a Nation, and as a Commonwealth this will be a time to reflect on the impressive commitment and dedication she had during her seventy year reign.

This morning, as a sign of respect, our school gathered around the flag pole to lower the flag, sing God Save our Queen and reflect on the Queens passing. This is a significant point in the history of New Zealand and the World, and it is important that as a school we acknowledge this.

Next week our Year 6-8 students will be attending Camp Columba at Pukerau. A huge thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to go to camp, and have helped with fundraising. Have a wonderful time!

Nāku noa,

Vicki Neave

Room 11

We are focusing on adding and subtracting fractions … with different denominators! Can you work these out?

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Room 2

The students in Room 2 are making some fantastic progress with their Structured Literacy programme. We are learning lots of new spelling rules to help our reading and writing. We were joined by Rylie and Lilly from Room 11 for one session this week, Jonty was particularly excited to share his learning with his sister!

Room 12

This week Room 12 students had Skip, the Sports Activator, come and teach them some great touch skills.

Whānau and School Update

BPS Home and Garden Tour - Sunday 6th November 2022

If you would like tickets to the House and Garden Tour, the tickets are $45 per person and includes lunch and afternoon tea.

Please email:

If you would like to be one of the stall holders at one of the properties for the Home and Garden Tour please get in touch with Sara on 02102372282 or email

Our next monthly meeting will be Thursday 29 September at 7pm in the school staffroom. Everyone welcome.

Keep safe and let's be kind to each other :-)

Sara Sutherland and Carleigh Frisby

Whanau and School Co-Presidents

Room 3

We have been learning about finding the rule for a pattern in maths. We made “Friend Soup” and put in all the ingredients that make a good friend, then we stired and mixed it all together.
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Congratulations to this week's assembly award winners...

Room 1

Caleb Flesher - for working extremely hard at his letter sound knowledge.

Room 2

Nathanael Andrew - for making some great contributions during mat time and structured literacy.

Frieda Lowe - for having a positive attitude in Reading and Writing.

Room 3

Rahi Escovar - for showing excellent independence and goal setting.

Kayden Hapuku Te-Nahu - for demonstrating increased confidence and engagement with his learning.

Room 4

Frank Warden - for always trying his best in all of his learning.

Room 5

Sophie Walker - for consistently demonstrating our school values by showing empathy to others.

Corey Newport - for being focused with his learning and trying hard with structured literacy.

Room 6

Sam Kinder - for excellent work writing and presenting his speech.

Logan Gray - for excellent work writing and presenting his speech.

Room 12

Alyssa Kinder - for her increasing independence with walking and for trying new things.

Tayla Smith - for her great work in the PC maths challenges!

Room 11

Charlotte Jamieson - for her effort and determination with her speech writing and presentation.

Aidan Cloete - for grit and determination at the Otago Cross Country Champs!

Room 1

Room 1 students had a great time with Skip on Monday. We practised our catching and passing skills with touch balls.
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Today, every child was given a spellathon card to take home. On one side of the card is a list of words (or letters) to learn and on the other side is a space for students to gather sponsors.

Students have different lists to learn, and they will be tested on half of the words/letters on their list on Friday 23 September.

This gives everyone two weeks to gather sponsors OR ask for donations.

All students will need to have their spellathon card at school on Friday 23 September, so that their test results can be attached and they can then show their sponsors.

Monies raised will be used to support purchasing Structured Literacy resources for the whole school.

We look forward to your support.

Room 5 and Room 6

2022 Sport News


Year 1/2 change to Hockey

Session 1 3:30 court 2

Session 2 4:00 court 2

Year 3/4 change to Basketball

BPS Blue vs Milton 4:00 court 3

BPS Purple vs Catlins 5 court 3

Year 5/6

BPS Green vs Valley/ St Jo's 5:00 court 4

BPS Green vs Romahapa 5:30 court 4

Year 7/8

BPS/Kai vs Catlins Yellow 5:00 court 5

Sports Payments

All sports payments to be paid into the BOT account 02-0900-0000452-00

Tania Arthur

Balclutha Primary School

Sports Co-ordinator

Room 4

This week Room 4 students have been practising their speeches. We learnt what it meant to speak clearly and project our voices. We also learnt how to be good audience members.
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Top Team

Top Team

I was lucky to be able to watch Top Team yesterday. It was loud and fast. The game of "turbo touch" was difficult as the rules are the opposite of how we usually play, i.e. throwing a forward pass to score a touchdown.

After a few rounds of turbo touch participants had a quick quiz followed by a game of tug of war.

The whole event was a great experience for our students. There were lots of smiles and laughs.

Tania Arthur, Sports Coordinator.

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Coming Up in the next two weeks...

10 - 14 September - Ski Trip (Cardrona)

12 - 14 September - Room 11 at Camp

14 - 16 September - Room 12 at Camp

22 September - Whole School Assembly (2.30pm)

22 September - BoT September meeting (7pm)

23 September - SPELLATHON DAY!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to...

Levi Howat

Eva Martin

Dannielle Kelly

Bank Accounts

  • School Saveloys, sport fees and all camp fundraising and donations - 02 0900 0000 452 00
  • Whānau and School, all fundraising (except camp fundraising), school uniforms (2nd hand and new) -
  • 03 1734 0006449 00