Red Notes

Red River Valley Chorus Newsletter July 24, 2014

I can't recall it's name...

The race is still on for a real name for the newsletter. So far the suggested names are Harmony Notes, Sharp Notes, Staff Notes and________. Please send me your suggestions. I would like to have the new name in place for August. Click on my email address and send me your suggestion.

Monday Night Madness

Monday was a very busy day. The job of packing for our move was full speed ahead! Boxes were shifted through, items were separated and packed according to classification, pictures came off the wall, our dry erase board was disassembled, and the trucks and cars were loaded up. After a farewell pizza from ROMA's, the caravan was off to stack everything in the storage building in Sherman. Thank you so much for all the hard work to get most of this done. We will be having rehearsal as usual this next Monday in Pottsboro. It will be our last rehearsal there. The risers will still have to be moved. We will try to have that schedule worked out by Monday.

Red River Valley Chorus 5th Annual Tea and Craft Show

Saturday, May 16th 2015 at 11am-2pm

Municipl Ballroom Sherman, Texas

We are taking our Tea to a larger venue. Mark your calendars and start thinking what you might do with a table or two or three. We hope to start selling tickets on-line well in advance. This is also the 20th Anniversary of the Red River Valley Chorus. I am sure there will be some special happenings!! Linda Donie is our Chair for this event. She will keep us updated as the event unfolds.


Two weeks ago you were introduced to POD, Performance On Demand. This is a song or set of songs selected by our Director. The purpose of this exercise is to be "Performance Ready" with several songs on short notice. We did not sing this week, but we have an assignment for our next rehearsal. "Mary Did You Know?" This is a song we have sung year round. Everyone should have a copy of the music. Dust of the cobwebs for Monday.
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Seeing these lovely ladies all ready for the contest stage reminds me of EYELASHES. I know how happy each of you are when performances roll around and it is time for the painfull process of applying and removing false eyelashes. On July 14, we had a demonstration of Younique fiber eyelashes. It was agreed to use them as a substitute. The chorus purchased enough for everyone so we could get the discount.

They have arrived. Debi is distributing them at present. Please bring your $29 and pick yours up so you can practice. It is easier than I expected. Wears long, and looks great. The best eyelash glue!! Sherry is collecting money until Holly returns.

YEE HAW Command Performance Dinner Show

Saturday, Oct. 25th, 6:30-8:30pm

Cooks Main Stage, Whitesboro, TX

We got such a good response to the original YEE HAW last fall, we will be doing another show in October with the similar theme. In addition to the Dinner Show on Saturday, we will add a Sunday afternoon performance. We have already had our fist promotion on the Cook's Main Stage facebook page. Tickets will go on sale soon.
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RICHTONES Show with BLAZE August 23, 2014

Directors' & Music Leaders' Retreat September 19-20

Texas Harmony Show with BLAZE October 15, 2014

RRVC FALL Show October 25-26, 2014

International Convention November 4-8, 2014

Region 25 Competition March 19-22, 2015

Looking Ahead

If you have information from your committee to share with the membership, please send me something in writing. I would like to create a section just for committee information. Tell us who is on the committee and what you are currently working on.

I would also like to say we are missing Holly, Jamie, Ruth, Stacy, Karen, and Cindy this week. We wish Holley and Jamie safe travels when returning home. I hope Karen gets to feeling better. Barb is back with us but not 100%. Keep everyone in your prayers.

Yours in Harmony, Debi