Natural Playgrounds

Children Need to Connect with Nature

Today's children are losing touch with nature and with the many benefits that come from playing outside. We are increasingly living in a plastic world of toys and video games and high-rise apartments. There is a growing movement in Early Child Care to bring the "outside" back into the lives of children. There are so many wonderful and engaging activities and a world of learning that can occur if we step back in time and re-discover how we played as children.

Bienenstock Bringing Nature to Life

Children will spend more time in the care of an ECE than in all post secondary education combined.

Wonderful Ways to Engage Children Outdoors

Check out this blog to find lots of interesting and exciting invitations to do with children outdoors.


Creating Playscapes

We have a very important job, and it takes thinking back to our own childhood experiences, and imagining how we can recreate them in safe, meaningful, beautiful ways for the children of today - Rusty Keeler

Ideas for adding natural elements to your outdoor play space

How Kids Can Reconnect with Nature on the Playground

The movement to swap swings, slides and monkey bars for boulders, grassy hills and trees is gaining ground across Canada, the United States and other countries. This is being done in order to counteract "nature deficit disorder."