Kobe Bean Bryant

By Mustafa Ali

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Kobe Bean Bryant Bio

Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. He just entered his 20th and final season. Kobe over the years has been noticed as one of the greatest of all time in the sport. He has been playing his heart out for 20 seasons for only one team too. Kobe is 3rd on the all time scoring list.

Achievements in Basketball

  • 5 time NBA champion
  • 2 time NBA finals MVP
  • 1 time MVP
  • 17 time All star selection
  • 3rd on all time scoring
  • 7 NBA finals appearance
  • Slam dunk champion
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Impact on the Sport

Kobe Bean Bryant has been stated as one of the Greatest players who have ever played the game. Kobe Bryant has been stated as the "Michael Jordan" of this era. He has broken records after records. But now in his 20th and final season all he can bring is knowledge and a legacy to share with the rising stars on the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant is an idol for these rising stars in the NBA.

Positive Impact outside of sport

The Lakers Veteran native brings a lot to the game. But society doesn't come to see his influence outside of the sport. The organization Kobe&Vanessa Bryant family foundation is an effort to help youths to open their minds to things that are going on around the world. In some ways the foundation is also providing life-changing experiences.

Negative Impact outside of sport

As great as Kobe Bryant's career had been going, he made a mistake in the season of the 2003-2004 being charged with a rape case. Knowing that Kobe Bryant is married to Vanessa Bryant, he broke a sacred contract with his wife by cheating on her. Kobe had cheated on her with a 19 year old worker at a hotel in Colorado. Kobe had publically embarrassed his wife to the whole world.