Alumni Newsletter


Message from the Alumni Board and President

AIESEC in Pune introduces the first Alumni Relations newsletter this year to provide communication for the alumni with the up-to-date news and happenings. We hope you enjoy our first newsletter and we would greatly appreciate any input from you.

As President of the Local Committee i look forward to engage you all with LC again.

I and the Alumni Board are working really hard to engage all our Alumni.

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Highlights of the year

Alumni Engagement Plans

In terms of engagement and support from your side, we want to present a list of initiatives that can be taken up by your side. This is the preferred kind of support we would like from your end.

  1. Alumni Mentorship Program ( Where a Alumni can Specifically can mentor a Vice President on certain skill set or Profile Example Marketing, HR )

  1. Sessions by alumni at Local Committee forums ( We would love to have some of you as speakers for our Local Committee meetings or any event )

  1. Alumni Referrals ( Most of our Alumni are doing great in various sectors we would if you can refer us to companies and Ngo's so that they can take interns from AIESEC in Pune )

  1. Alumni Fund ( We are looking forward to open a Alumni fund where Alumni can support the LC for various activities financially. We are currently working on a Website where Alumni can see various NGO projects one can fund for a intern and also Fund a members Internship. )

  1. MUNCH - A monthly Alumni Meeting Lunch or Dinner hosted by any Alumni or AIESEC in Pune.

We are updating our Alumni database with updated Email IDs and Phone nos.
Here is the Google Form link -

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Alumni Engagement Website

We are currently working on a website for you all.

It will have all the above stated Engagement initiatives.

We are looking to launch it by the end of this month.