Apply as seen in Room 303 and 305

Ingredients...why should I care?

After learning the functions of basic ingredients, students will apply basic function knowledge in a laboratory experience. Students can begin by performing ingredient function experiments specific to leavening agents. These websites have several ingredient function experiments! Yeast Balloons!

Baking Soda Fun!

These experiments will introduce the functions of importance of baking. Coupled with measurement skills, students will begin to conceptualize the link between accuracy and great tasting baked goods!

Students will then move into a full lab experience where they will make biscuits. Their lab experience will apply teamwork strategies in addition to safety and sanitation knowledge. This lab will integrate new acquired knowledge of ingredient functions.


The labs finished biscuits will prove understanding of importance of accurate measurement of ingredient functions. If products are not satisfactory,

Products and complete lab performance will be graded using a rubric.