Lee Ravenscroft

Founder of Working Bikes

Working Bikes

Working Bikes was started in 1999 by Lee Ravenscroft. This organization works to take old or broken bikes, repair them and transfer them to poorer countries. They ship thousands of bikes each year to places in Latin America and Africa, including Guatemala, Ghana, Panama, El Salvador, Uganda and many others.

Why did they found this organization?

They founded this organization because they realized that lots of bikes were sitting in basements unused or broken, when they could be repaired and sent to less fortunate countries who could really use a bike for daily transportation.
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Similarities and Differences Between Calvin Klein and Lee Ravenscroft

Klein and Ravenscroft are similar because they are both hardworking and creative. Ravenscroft and Klein are different because Ravenscroft is a social entrepreneur and Klein is not. Ravenscroft's business was started to help people in less fortunate countries and Klein's business was made to make money and clothing.


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