Hardware and Software !

by Emily


What is hardware?

Hardware is a physical part of a computer that you can see and touch. Hardware cannot run without software, so we need software to use hardware. Examples of hardware are a Dvd drive, headphones, printer, laptop, speakers and a webcam. These items can be used for finding information, playing music etc.


What is software?

Software is the programs and operating information in your hardware that make it work and software is what your computers use to run. Examples of software are internet browsers such as google and internet explorer. Another software example is operating systems like windows or apple. Unlike hardware you cannot physically touch and see software. Software can be used for photo editing, playing games, writing documents etc.

Input and Output Devices!

Input devices!

Input devices are the things that you use to put information into you computer system. Here are some examples of input devices :

  • keyboard

  • mouse

  • buttons

  • switch

  • joystick

Output devices!

Output devices are what you get from your hardware. It will display something to you or print off something etc.

Examples of output devices :

  • printer
  • speaker
  • headphones
  • monitor
  • 3D printer

Storage Devices!

Storage devices are a piece of hardware which information and software can be stored on.


A program is a software which the computer needs to perform specific tasks and to operate. An example would be Microsoft word.

Operating Systems!

An operating system is the software that helps the computers basic functions and make the computer run/operate.