the black doll

my story

first what happens

in 1834 there is a girl called Emily with black hair.she and her mum and dad live in a house by the coast of was just a normal day for emily when a strange hurricane unexpectedly hit the coast.

part 2

her parents rush to the cellar when the hurricane arrives but emily is too busy trying to find her favourite doll and dissappears in the hurricane and nobody knows what happened to her, they only find her doll but the dolls hair has changed from blond to jet black. her parents go mad looking for her and they end up in a mental hospital. The house is abandoned.

Part 3

years later in 1950 a lonely little red haired girl called Chloe and her dad buy the run down abandoned house emily used to live in. the first night chloe is in the house she finds a doll with jet black hair dressed in old fashioned clothes. The doll has a name tag with Emily on it. That night she puts the doll on her bed and goes to have a bath, when she gets back the doll has moved to a chair in the room. That night she hears a voice saying "come find me i will be your friend you can trust me

Part 4

Chloe keeps on hearing the doll and it becomes more and more alive to her. Soon the doll becomes her best and only friend. Her Dad gets worried about how much time she spends with the doll and throws it in the fire, but the next day the doll is back unharmed.

Part 5

Another Hurricane hits the coast like the one when Emily went missing. Chloes Dad tells her to hide in the cellar, but the doll's voice tells her to go down to the sea. Chloe runs off. Her father hears a scream and a splash as Chloe dives into the water after the doll and is never seen again.

part 6

2009 a young girl moves into an abandoned house with her Mother. She finds a doll. It has red hair, hazel eyes and is dressed in 1950s clothes on the clothes is a name that says Chloe.

about character's

Emily's dad. black hair,blue eyes,snake tattoo,tanned skin and small freckle on forehead

Emily's mum. blonde hair with black highlights,green eyes ,pale white skin and a beauty mark

Emily. Black hair,blue eyes, tanned skin, a lot of freckles,a beauty mark and a birth mark

Chloe.Red hair,hazel eyes,tanned skin and a beauty mark

Chloe's hair,brown eyes,pale skin and birth mark