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Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten Newsletter

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We love our new campus!

After the ribbon cutting ceremony and assembly, we all gathered outside for a unique photo with the balloon arch. What a memorable photo and day!

Fingerpainting Fun

Students explored primary and secondary colors in a truly hands-on way! Each child could choose two primary colors and then discovered the secondary color by mixing the two primary colors together :) Tons of fun!

More Memorable Moments Found in Kindergarten...

Important Reminders!

Change of Clothes

Please remember to always have a full change of clothes in the classroom for your Kindergartener in their cubby. ANYTHING can happen ( and it usually does J) so make sure they have a change available. Additional clothes in the front office are usually not small sizes and changing clothes in the middle of the day (for whatever reason) is already usually upsetting to the kids. Having no option other than to put on clothes MUCH too big and make them work just adds to an already unpleasant situation. Thanks for helping us be prepared for the unexpected!

Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has a water bottle every day so they don't need to leave the classroom to get a drink of water. Don't forget to have the bottle labeled with your child's first and last name just in case they get misplaced.

Letter to Me About Your Child

It isn’t required and feel free to send them at your leisure but I just want you to know I really do love reading them. I’ve gotten a few e-mails and/or hard copy letters already and I’m looking forward to more. They’re so helpful because they help confirm what I’m already starting to learn about your child and their personality and/or they surprise me because I become acutely aware of some awesome trait I didn’t yet notice! Either way, I can instantly try to become the teacher your child needs because I am aware of what helps them thrive, feel at ease, and where their interests lie.

Rest Time

We may only rest for 25 minutes (and setting up the blanket just the right way takes 5 minutes of those 25 J) but a blanket seems to be SUPER important this year. I casually mentioned the blanket/beach towel during Orientation Day because my students last year really didn’t seem to care whether they had one or not. Having the right blanket(s) this year seems to be a huge deal. Since we now have GIANT cubbies, feel free to bring in two if your child would like. Remember, these will get sent home each Friday for washing.

Info to Know

1. Please bring the syllabus I gave you during Orientation to Curriculum Night.

2. The last page of our class syllabus and the first three pages in your child's agenda are due signed this Friday, September 4th.

3. If you have not yet brought in your class supplies, please do so by this Tuesday!

Show-and-Tell is on Wednesday

The students should bring something Wednesday (anything at all) that is in their favorite color. Everyone else will try to get what their favorite color is when they reveal the item by pulling it from their book bag! Please make sure your student brings only ONE item so that show-and-tell time is equally shared by everyone.

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Friendship Fruit Salad on Friday!

On Friday we will hear a very special story about friendship and how each of your friends in your class are like the different fruits in a fruit salad- each bring something sweet and important, and together they make something wonderful. On Friday, please send your child in with one type of fruit to contribute to our classroom “Friendship Fruit Salad.” We will make this after we hear the story. As each child adds their fruit contribution, they will have to say something kind about the person standing to their left. After we mix all the fruit (and I add a little whipped cream ) we’ll enjoy! I won’t assign fruits, it's always interesting to see what children bring in.

“Read All About Me” Poster- Due This Week

This fun, interactive poster is a great tool to get kids thinking about how they are special and share something about themselves with their classmates. The activities are designed to support self-reflection, planning, divergent thinking, and communication. They can be completed in a variety of ways to reflect your child’s unique strengths and to reflect your child’s interests.

Have fun working with your child to decorate and complete this poster. Encourage your child to make it as beautiful as they want. Posters will be displayed after they are presented and at the end of the project, I will use the posters for bar graphs about favorite colors, foods, and sports. I will develop compare and contrast questions based on information from the graphs. Finally, I will laminate the posters and turn them into an awesome class book! Please see below for your child’s presentation date!

Monday, 8-31




Tuesday, 9-1


Ayse Zeynep


Wednesday, 9-2




Thursday, 9-3




Friday, 9-4



Save the Date

Wednesday, September 2- Elementary Curriculum Night

Monday, September 7- Labor Day Holiday

Thursday, September 10- Picture Day

Sunday, September 13- National Grandparents Day