Nick Alto


My name is Nick Alto, I'm currently a senior at Oregon State University majoring in computer science with a minor in business entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Portland, OR, I am passionately curious about technology art, and design. I currently dabble in iOS development and UI design. I also paint, draw and scribble. Below you can find links to my art, code, and resume.


I've been drawing, sketching and scribbling since middle school. It started out as a love for graffiti and has since grown into much more. What started out as scribbles on the back of notebooks slowly made its way to the canvas. Here you can find a complete portfolio of my art, ranging from watercolors and ballpoint pen to acrylics and spray paint.

As far as design, I first got introduced to UI/UX design while developing BoxDot, but have since continued to further my skills. I have multiple app UI concepts focusing on both iOS and WP8 platforms. A portfolio of my design work can be found here.


BoxDot is an iOS application that I am currently developing. I started BoxDot as a way to get started with iOS development as well as a way to try my hand at UI design. The premise is simple, each player gets to place one line in a grid of dots, if a player places a line that forms a box, they win that box. The player with the most boxes wins. BoxDot is currently in the App Store!