Sara's Coaching Corner

September 22, 2015



These have been delivered, and Jamie Flemmer said she can't wait to see the students using them this week! :)


Problem Solving

The purpose of Exemplars is to explicitly teach students how to use the process standards in math. The problem solving plan was created to guide the gradual release of responsibility to students. After you have finished the 5 week plan (12 weeks for Kinder) you have the flexibility to choose the problems and decide which focus each problem lends itself to best. At that point, you can choose problems from Exemplars, Lone STAAR, and/or the district provided problem solving. You can also choose how many processes to look at in each problem now that they have a solid foundation.

Curriculum Updates

The next round of curriculum writing is this week. Lessons will not be posted for grades 3-5 until the following week for cluster 2. K-2 has curriculum writing on September 28th. Lessons for Cluster 2 will be posted on October 5th. If your team is backwards planning for Cluster 2, they can use the Cluster Planner, CBA, and scaffolding documents to work on the following: unpack the TEKS and identify SB and TB, create CFAs, plan LS problem solving and work stations.

Carrie answered a few of our questions about problem solving:

After the first 5 weeks, do teachers pick and choose which category to focus on each week?
Yes, teachers can be flexible in this. We just need to think about which category the
problem lends itself to.

Is it correct that some weeks’ teachers might focus on all 5 categories while other weeks they just focus on one or two?
Teachers have the autonomy to choose after the processes have been explicitly taught
in the first 5 weeks.

Do teachers pick a “summative assessment task” (Friday) or an “instructional
task/formative assessment” (Monday)?

It doesn’t matter. We just want them using the Exemplars resource.

Should the rubrics be sent home with students once the teachers have used them to collect data?
Great idea!

Do departmentalized math teachers still need to have the ELAR word wall words up?

Do the math words on concept maps need to be up in the ELAR room (if



The technology side of MSTAR is having difficulties importing all of the students and assigning them to the correct teacher. Debbie Saldana is working on a solution. We realize CAMP is coming right up, computer labs are being used for iStation, as well as a host of other things going on at the campus. I will recieve an email when the issues have been resolved. If you just cannot administer the MSTAR within the time frame, it's not anything to worry about. :)

The Guided Reading Library

Our amazing PTA donated lots of new books for our guided reading library! They are scanned in and all ready for you to check out. :)