Bangladesh War for Independence

By- Bailey Rizzo

We have all been wondering what exactly happened March 25th, 1971; why did such a war take place? In the elections between 1970 and 1971 Bangladesh was becoming independent country. The Pakistanis didn't agree with this notion, therefore they brought together their warriors and started a war. This war was spread out between three main countries; Bangladesh,Pakistan, and India. The Pakistanis sought to quell the Bangladesh warriors after the Declaration of Independence. Troubles came, a Monsoon during the months of June and July causing little to no action. Eventually the East Pakistan airbase was destroyed, as well as their ports blocked off. Now that Pakistanis were facing hostilities on land, as well as in the water and air they were in trouble. The Capitol of Dhaka fell to the Mitro Bahini, whilst 93,000 Pakistani troops became imprisoned. In the cold month of December the war ended, the Bangladesh becoming liberated. The real question now is how many suffered? It's said that Military authorities would conduct experiments in places journalists weren't likely to see. What do you think they were testing?