Perfect Presentations

10 tips to success

1. Make your presentation visually pleasing

Make sure your presentation is easy to read, well organized, and aesthetically pleasing. This will keep your audience focused and make your project easier to follow.

2. Have a good attitude

Be positive and enthusiastic about your material, so that your audience will be interested in it too.

3. Dress to impress

Make sure that your outfit is appropriate and sophisticated, so that your audience will take you seriously and respect you.

4. Make eye contact

Speak directly to your audience and use eye contact, so that they will be more engaged in what you are saying.

5. Don't fidget

Nervousness will darken your presentation; move with confidence and it will be easier for your audience to focus on your presentation

6. Be prepared

Make sure you know your material by heart, and do not read directly from your presentation. You want to know your stuff so that the audience will know you are serious and passionate about the material.

7. Speak clearly

Speak loudly and use proper diction so that your audience can retain and understand the information easily.

8. Body language

Move and gesture with confidence, so that you will capture the attention of your audience and keep them interested in your project.

9. Walk

To illustrate your point, walk with purpose and move slightly when transitioning between points. This is visually pleasing to the audience and will make it easier for them to retain information.

10. Smile

Look confident, positive, and ready to present, as it will lighten the mood and make you appear more professional.