Economic Impact

Normally more than 2500 people try to climb the Nepal side to the summit. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world .With all the people living on the road and lower money in the country. To travel on the mountain you need a permit from the government but the Tibet side is harder to climb.4% of the country’s gross domestic’s product. Less than half made it from Nepal in a summit attempt

That provides enough funds to purchase supplies at the local weekly market or Kathmandu and to hire wage labor. $50,000 is charged for a team of 7 people and additional $20,000 is charged if the team wishes to scale Mount Everest from East Ridge route. Nepal was opened to foreign visitors in 1950 after two centuries of isolation. Annual tourist visit was as low as 10,000 until 1965 but dramatically increased in the following decades

Climate of everest

Most people climb Everest in May because it’s not too cold and not too hot. Some rezones are that it comes down to the snow, wind, and temperature .Sometimes if it is too windy it can blow you off of the mountain and into the void you go. The highest record speed for Everest is 175mph. From December to March is when winter storms happen.

During the summer it is very wet from June 7 to Sep 30. During Autumn Window dry, warm , calm Oct 1 to Oct 20 .During Autumn it is very windy, cold, very dry, and dark .In Winter it is very windy , very cold , dry , and dark . Spring it is windy, cold, and dry. For spring window it is dry and warm.

Preparation for climbing

To climb Mount Everest there isn’t one specific way to be ready. There is multiple ways to get your body ready. One is getting your body in shape to crawl for 200 feet or walk on rocks that can slip and end your life. Two letting your mind problem solve better in such a short amount of time. Three make sure you supplies is safe enough to climb. The supplies may cost hundreds of dollars to pay. The time that it will take to get your body ready will take 4 mouths minimum.

Being at base camps to get your brain ready for low oxygen will take a few weeks. The climb is going to feel the worse when you start climbing. Theirs going to be times when you loss weight from the climb and going to get sick from a disease or frost bite.One disease can end your expedition so that is why you need to eat healthy head of time .

Holly report

Holly report

There was a truly good boy named Sunjo that would be scaling one of the highest moutons in the world. But of cores with one of the best reporters in the world at his side. As we climbed up the mouton I could see the struggle in Sunjo’s eyes. As we had to climb up the deadliest mounting in the world he has a hard time keeping himself going .At times he would keep telling himself he just cannot do it, but the one thing that kept him going was the thought that his sisters would not get to go to school.

But by the time we got to camp for I was not only tired but so was Sunjo. As we pushed up the sight that Sunjo had for his sisters were fading a started to wonder if he himself was going to make it up the mountain. But that is what makes this child wonder a child wonder he not only pushed up when his body said no but was so power by the love he had for his sisters that he made the impossible possible .