Gator Weekly

With great power comes great responsibility....

The week ahead.....which is Week 28!

Look fors this week.................2nd round of documented walk thrus will begin!!

Monday, March 28

Staffing @ 3:00

Tuesday, March 29

STAAR testing in 4th and 5th *Campus will be closed to all visitors

Parent conference @ 4:00

Wednesday, March 30

STAAR testing in grade 5 *Campus will be closed to all visitors

Thursday, March 31

PTA meeting @ 7:00

Friday, April 1

504 mtg @ 1:45

Coming up.........

April 5 Picture day

April 8 Gator Run

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It's been another great week in the land of the Gators!

Thanks for getting busy right away and making every moment count!

Exciting things I saw this week - smiling faces and an attitude of "I can do this" !, beautiful flowers in the planter boxes out front! Woohoo!

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Things to do....

***CHALLENGE: share more of yourself and your effective practices through a tweet, a post, a blog.........

Remind parents in your newsletters that the campus will be closed to visitors (including lunch) next Tuesday and Wednesday when we are STAAR testing.

We will be passing around the watering can so that everyone can help with watering the flowers out front! It started with 2nd grade and will go from there.

It's time for the April bulletin board in B hall. You know who you are!!

Don't forget you need to be working on your gifted and talented hours!

Please remind your parents to consider donating an Amazon gift card to the library. The kids are enjoying the Makerspace activities so much and with these gift cards we can order more things!

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Weekly academic vocabulary words


verb: to change something so it work, looks, or fits better


adjective: available as a different choice or opportunity

Weekly positive character trait


does not give up, see things through to the end

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Moonshot Thinking
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What I'm reading......

Pure Genius..Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level

by Don Wettrick

Campus Instructional Focus

After analysis of our campus data, our instructional focus will be to improve our students’ ability to clearly communicate their thinking through writing across all content areas.

We carry the torch for EMSISD!


The mission of Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD and Greenfield Elementary is to foster a culture of excellence that instill a passion for a lifetime of continuous achievement in every student.


The vision of Greenfield Elementary is to create a physically and emotionally safe environment where every student can engage in challenging, integrated, and collaborative learning in order to become respectful, resourceful and responsible citizens in an ever-changing, diverse world.


Striving for the best, we rise above the rest.

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