Junior Mobile Developer

Company: Total Recruitment Specialist Limited


1b School Wynd





Specific skill required: Confidence

Confidence is a valuable specific skill for this role because, when working in a team, each member would need to feel confident and comfortable when speaking in order to make sure their contributions and suggestions are acknowledged and taken on board by the rest of the team.

Communication is key when working as a team to develop a single product, so confidence is a valuable asset for enabling clear communication as it would help you to speak clearly to your other team members and avoid having anyone mishear you.

In addition, confidence would be invaluable if you needed to advise the rest of your team in this role, for example if your team had to make a decision regarding the development of an app. This is because other team members may find it hard to trust in your advice if even you don't seem confident in it.

General skill required: Be a team player

The ability to be a team player is a very valuable general skill, mainly because the job involves working as part of a team to develop mobile health apps. Being able to work effectively as a team would be essential as the team members would need to organize and split up their workload amongst each other, so you would need to be willing to take responsibility for the work that is allocated to you.

Team members would also need to communicate and listen to each other's suggestions and opinions in order to ensure that their apps are of high quality and are developed efficiently. Being able to listen to others' suggestions would also help maintain morale in the team, as members could become frustrated and less willing to work if they feel they are being ignored.

Attitude/Soft skill required: Willingness to learn

A willingness to learn would be a great attitude/soft skill to have in this job. This is mainly because the job is a junior role and you would therefore be expected to learn on the job so that you could progress to a higher role. This would benefit both the company, as you would be capable of handling more difficult work, and yourself, as you would improve your skills and learn new ones.

Moreover, being willing to learn would show that you are able to adapt your methods of working to suit the company, which would help as you would become even more suitable for the role over time as you learn and adapt according to the requirements of it and the company.

Link: http://www.cwjobs.co.uk/job/junior-developer/total-recruitment-specialists-limited-trg-total-recruitment-group-job66650689?entryUrl=%2Fjobs%2Fmobile-developer%2366650689

Author: Rory Crick