D11 Insights

August 2021

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

Welcome D11 families! We are so glad you are here. Students, please know as you walk through the hallways of your school that you are surrounded by people who deeply care about you, who are guided by a passion for helping you reach your potential, and who wholeheartedly believe in you…every day…always. Parents and guardians, we are here to support you as your children achieve academic success! To the seniors, our graduating class of 2022, and to the incoming kindergarten class of 2034 and preschool class of 2035, and all students in between, we wish you a year filled with lots of learning, fun, and lifelong memories. Together, #WeAreD11!

Return to Learn Update: Superintendent's Message--COVID Safety Information

Dear D11 Students, Families and Staff:

As the summer starts to conclude, and we gear up for the 2021-22 school year, we in D11 are doing so with great excitement. Given the challenges we experienced as a result of COVID-19 last school year, I remain very optimistic we will be able to have a much more normal school year without the same levels of restrictions in our schools. It was great to see many of our students during our Summer Bridge program safely come together and, for the first time in months, actually see the smiling faces of students and staff.

The pandemic is not over. However, we know from our experience over the past 17 months that by taking the right combination of health precautions, we can keep our students, staff and community safe. I am mindful that variants of COVID-19 are still prevalent, and we will work collaboratively with local and State health officials to ensure our schools are clean, safe and welcoming. We know so much more about COVID-19 than we initially did, and this knowledge will guide us as professionals to make decisions that will support the learning of our students, while also keeping everyone as safe as possible. We've updated our mask guidance thresholds and you may always find the most up-to-date information at www.d11.org/returntolearn. Specifically, the following safety protocols have been identified:

• Federal law mandates anyone riding public transportation, including school buses, be required to wear a mask. For students of any age, and staff riding D11 buses for any purpose (e.g., to and from school, activities, field trips, etc.), in alignment with the Federal mandate, face coverings on all D11 buses are required, for those that can medically and physically wear them.

• For students, staff, and visitors in our elementary schools, in alignment with local and state guidance, face coverings are strongly encouraged while learning indoors but are not required if community transmission rates remain under 200/100K. El Paso County Case Rates can be found here.

• For students, staff, and visitors at our secondary schools, in alignment with local and state guidance, face coverings are strongly encouraged for anyone who is 12+ years and not fully vaccinated but are not required if community transmission rates remain under 250/100K. El Paso County Case Rates can be found here.

Please keep in mind guidance continually changes, and we routinely learn about regular updates from our county and state health departments. As we learn more about these updates to public health protocols, we will make any changes deemed necessary and communicate with our community as soon as possible.

Thank you for your partnership and patience as we work collaboratively to keep students and staff safe, while also balancing parent and family choices.

Dr. Michael J. Thomas, Superintendent

Colorado Springs School District 11

Keep up with grades, attendance and more with PowerSchool

We’re pleased to announce the launch of PowerSchool in Colorado Springs School District 11. This system will be replacing the former Q Student Information System and ParentConnect.

PowerSchool provides a full K-12 solution that brings together instructional, school, and district operations into a single platform. Teachers, administrators, and families will have comprehensive access to student-related data and information as we collaborate with and engage students.

As someone who supports the wellbeing of your student, you’ll be able to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal to:
• Stay current on your child’s progress;
• Monitor attendance and assignment completion;
• View report cards and academic history;
• Follow and contribute to key student supports;
• Enroll and update family information online;
• Communicate with your child’s teachers; and,
• Know where your child is at any given point in their D11 learning.

Please click HERE for a video tutorial on how to login to the PowerSchool portal. Also, be sure to check your email and/or the D11 app for follow-up communications with more information and guidance on setting up your new PowerSchool Parent Portal account and the D11 Loop mass notification system. We appreciate your support and hope this will get us even closer to empowering your child to achieve, grow, and to profoundly impact our world.

New D11 Administrator Highlight: Angela Dominguez, Dept. Superintendent, Achievement, Learning, & Leadership

A new segment in the D11 Insights this school year will highlight new district and school administrators. The first highlight is Angela Dominguez, the new D11 Deputy Superintendent for the Achievement, Learning, & Leadership division. Ms. Dominguez comes to Colorado and D11 from Edgewood Independent School District in San Antonio, TX., where she was an assistant superintendent. We asked Ms. Dominguez the following so we could get to know her a little better. Here's how she responded:

  1. What's your all-time favorite school supply? Pens...I love having lots of colors to work with.
  2. What's your all-time favorite lunch item? Burgers are the best!
  3. What character was on your first lunchbox? Clash of the Titans
  4. What person from your school days had the most impact on you and why? So many people had an impact and shaped the person and leader that I am today. If I had to pick one it would be Coach Locket; she encouraged me to join sports when I was a new student in 8th grade and took me under her wing. Later, I got to go back and be her administrator and we still stay in contact routinely! She was a role model, an advocate, and she pushed me to be my best.
  5. What class lesson will you always remember? Dissecting a frog! It was so awesome to have that hands-on experience and learn about anatomy.
  6. Tell us your why -- what keeps you going on tough days? My why....I am here to serve and support so when I get down or things get tough I read notes from students and staff that keep me going.
  7. What is your favorite quote? “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela
  8. What theme song would you want played as you entered work each day? All Fired Up by Pat Benatar

Rebuild, Reimagine, Rediscover D11

School District 11 is leading the way for the future of public education! During the 2020 school year, District 11 embarked on a year-long process to learn the community’s priorities for the district’s academic programming and school facilities. With school buildings averaging over a half-century old and a pandemic that forever changed public education, District 11 recognizes the importance of ensuring schools and academic rigor are adapting.

During this year-long journey, District 11 received over 5,000 points of feedback from teachers, parents, students, community members, and business leaders. This community feedback led to the creation of the District’s Academic Master Plan and Facilities Master Plan. Together, these plans will provide students and families with more choice and control over their academic journeys than ever before.

Learn more about how a potential no-tax-increase bond question on the November ballot will align our school facilities with academic offerings, inspiring every student to find their passions and grow as learners, as well as how you can help by snapping the QR code or visiting www.d11.org/rebuilding.

Rebuild, Reimagine, Rediscover D11

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