Rights and Responsibilites

In the digital world

What can go wrong?


What is it?- Cyberbullying is the use of internet, social networks, email or any other way of contact using electronic devices with the purpose and knowledge that it will harm the person you are doing it to. Also if this action is repeated.

What to do?- If you are being bullied (or are the bully), know that it is against the Malicious Communications Act 1998 and the victim can prosecute the bully. If you are a victim- save all harmful messages, posts, emails ect., to use as evidence. Screen shot them or save them and then report them to a responsible adult.


Age of criminal responsibility (when you are responsible for your own actions and can be prosecuted and arrested)- 10 years old

Age of consent- 16 according to the Sexual Offences Act 2003, a law that says that anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed to give permission to partake in sexual activity. There is no defence for anyone who is having sex with someone they know is under 16. Anyone who is doing this can be prosecuted. Even if both people are under the age of 16, you can be prosecuted. This might include being put on the sex offenders register and getting a criminal record.

Age 13- touching and making a 13 year old boy or girl partake in sexual activity is also against the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and you will be prosecuted if it happens.