2015 Altima Sedan

My Dream Vehicle

The Features

  • The exterior is important to me because I look more into what the outside of the car looks like and see if it is appealing to me. (Exterior is red)
  • 2015 Altima Sedan's interior is very appealing to me because the devices are up to date and the design is just phenomenal. (Interior is tan)
  • The safety of this vehicle is important to me because I want to know if I will be safe if I ever get into a wreck because I want to have support from it's safety features. And let's just say this car has a lot of safety features and its crash results have perfect scores. So this makes me want this car even more.
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The Price of this Vehicle

  • The 2015 Nissan Altima is $22,300.
  • Monthly payment is $475.01
  • 50 months
  • Loan terms in years is: 4 years
  • Interest rate 3.00%