About Jeremiah

Things I like to do

I like to play sports

I like to play football I want to join a football team in 7th grade, I would have got on a football team in 6th grade but I needed to get a physical and I didn't have a chance to get one in time. I also like to play basketball because it's fun I'm not that good at basketball but I still like it. I also like to play soccer and I'm ok at soccer I played mostly in 5th grade.
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I also like video games

I like to play video games I mosly play call of duty games I have every call of duty since Call of Duty Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3. I like to play them because it's very fun and you get to play with other people and your friends. Some people think video games are bad for you and it only makes you lazier but it really makes you have more strategy and according to scientist people who play shooting games have a faster reaction than people that don't play shooting games.
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