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❤Some Facts about Jupiter itself❤

❤ Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system

❤ Mass is 1,898,130,000,000,000,000 billion kg (317.83 x Earth)

❤ Jupiter has 67 known moons

❤ 4 known rings

❤ 4th largest thing in our solar system

❤ 1 of the 5 visible planets to the naked eye from Earth

❤ Has the shortest days of all the planets (9 hours and 55 min)

❤ 1 year on jupiter is 11.8 Earth years

❤ The upper atmosphere of Jupiter is divided into cloud belts and zones. They are made primarily of ammonia crystals, sulfur, and mixtures of the two compounds.


∞Heated hotel's to keep you warm in our hotels

∞Heated home's to keep you warm in your home

∞Heated jumpsuit to keep you warm

∞Heated pools to keep you warm

∞Jumpsuits with helmet to keep you from freezing your head

∞Barriers below ground to keep people going below

❓Most Asked Questions❓

❓Can humans live on Jupiter~Yes and the accommodations were made so you can live on Jupiter, for example the jumpsuits and hotel that we have built to survive the natural Jupiter conditions

❓Can we breath the actual air on Jupiter~ No but we made the jump suits with helmets so you can breath and inside any house, hotel or any building you have made it so you can take off your helmet and breath naturally

❓Is it ok to go below the barriers~No because due to the point that Jupiter is a gas giant the deeper you go the more the pressure is and therefore harm you

❓Is it ok to swim in the pools~Yes we have met the accommodations inside the hotels and homes that we need to allow you to get in the pools we have provided or requested to be built

∞Fun Stuff To Do∞

∞Fun Stuff To Do∞

∞Moon watching∞

∞Exploring the hotel's∞

∞Enjoy the pools and jacuzzis∞

∞Trips to the moons∞

∞Visit indoor amusement parks∞

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