A Guide to Bunburying

By: April Marvin

What is bunburying?

What is bunburying you may ask? Well bunburing is when you are leading a double life. You are one person in on place ans a completely different person in another place. You can be a good person with a great reputation in one place and in the other you can be a bad person with a bad reputation in the other place.

Why Would Someone Want to Bunbury?

Someone might want to bunbury to get out of their jobs, responsibilities, or just plain getting out of stuff that you have no interest in doing. People bunbury to have freedom, relax, and have a break from their everyday

Things You Will need

1.) 2 addresses

2.) 2 ID cards

3.) 2 Drivers licences

4.) 2 Birth certificates

5.) 2 cell phones

6.) A Planner

7.) a back-up plan

8.) 2 different sets of clothes

9.) 2 vehicles with registration

10.) A whole lot of luck, hope, and confidence

Your Appearance and attitude

You may want to have two styles of clothing for each Identity. for one indentity you may want to be a business worker and the other dress like a hipster. You may also want two different personalities for each identity. You may want to be very polite as one identity and rude for the other idnetity


For your identity you are going to need to have multiple ID cards, drivers licences, Names, and you will need to addresses for each identity. You may want a birth certificate for each identity one for your real identity and another for you second identity.

Problems You May Encounter


2.)wrong name with wrong style, identity, and attitude

3.)one person knows you as one identity and and the other person knows you as a different identity meet

4.)People get suspicious

How to Avoid these Problems

1.)DO NOT TAKE PICTURES- make sire you are always the one taking the pictures but never in them

2.)Always check the mirror before you leave your current place of being

3.) always check your purse or wallet and make sure your ID matches your current identity

4.)Don't be the same person in the same city and if you can try and be one identity in one state and another identity in one state

5.) Make good excuses and never use the same lie to frequently

Good Luck

Good luck and enjoy your path of Bunburying!

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