Confucianism vs Taoism

Compare and Contrast


the founder for Confucianism is Kong Qiu. There goal of the religion is To have a structured society.there human nature is respect all those superior to them.the time of the origin was approx 550 b.c.e. Their goal of philosophy was Social Harmony

There differences between the two

Taoism woman had more rights than Confucianism. Both of them had different beliefs, the religion goals was also different.There gods were different Confucianism had one god.the after life was different cause Taoism the soul lives one and Confucianism they have to be worshiped by their families.


there founder was Lao Tzu there time of origin was the same as Confucianism. There goal of there religion was to be one with nature.The woman had more rights they could speak freely.Their goal of philosophy was to gain balance in life.