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Emma W.

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What this quote means to me

I chose this because I read the book and soon find out that the characters can be magical. It also means that the writer can work all of this magic into this one small little book. My mind always disappears into magical land that the author will create through words. Which makes me feel like I never want to stop reading.

About Me

I am in middle school. I have 2 sisters and a yellow lab. I like to play outside with my friends and family. I also play club volleyball with my friend Julia. I enjoy reading fiction and realistic fiction books. I read on weeknights and Sunday nights because I normally stay up late on Friday's and Saturday's with my friends. I like to read in my room and in my basement to read in quiet.

What describes me as a reader

  1. I can read for an hour and not get bored
  2. My favorite types of books are fiction, mystery, and realistic fiction
  3. Sometimes I will not finish a book. Then maybe a week later pick it up and start reading it again and still remember the story line
  4. I will only look at the books with a good cover or that's on display
  5. I like to read in my room and in my basement
  6. In murder mysteries I'm always temped to look for the murderer
  7. My favorite books I read over and over again. I still get surprised over the things that I know that happen
  8. It takes me forever to finish books
  9. I'll normally forget what happens in a book but when someone brings it up I will remember
  10. I read on weeknights and Sunday's

My interests and favorites

Some of my favorite books are Belly Up, Wonderstruck, Wildflower, and Stolen Children. I like writers like J.K. Rowling, Mark Twain, Dr. Suess, and Jerry Spinelli. I like Wonderstruck because it shows how you can get through life not hearing anything. Also how you can make friends in places you didn't know you could.
Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World (Official Music Video)

What's playing now...

On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons. This is how I feel when I am reading. Reading is a way how to make you feel good. This is why I like to read.


Right now I am reading the book called Hokey Pokey. It's about a town full of kids and no adults. The town is called Hokey Pokey. A boy named Jack gets his bike stolen by this girl he really hates, Jubilee. Jack loved his bike he named it Scramjet everyone knew him and his bike. People called them Scramjack. Jubilee does all this stuff to it like painting yellow and putting pink streamers and pom pom's on.

Like Try Why

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Book Recomendation Site

I would recommend Epic Reads to people because it has lots of interesting features and book options.

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