Joey D


The creation of the pyramids was a mysterious thing. So how did they do it 5,000 years ago. This is what interested me the most during the creation of the pyramids.

The Egyptians had no modern tools,so how did they cut the stones. They had copper chisels to cut the stones and a wooden beam and water to use. They would pry the wooden pole into the block and pour water on it that would cause the beam to expand and break the block.They made the flat spaces by putting water on the land. This flattens the land, The base is the size of 10 football fields.

The Egyptians didn't have cranes and trucks to move, so how did they move the stones? The stones where 70 tons witch today you could move by a crane. They didn't have cranes,but what they did was put it on sledges which were made out of rubble (limestone chips) and tafla (chalky clay). After that they pushed them onto rafts to float down the Nile river to the flat space of land.

That is what surprised me during the creation of the pyramids.
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