Mocha and Lola

By Emma Hildebrand

A Fable

Lola the unicorn and Mocha the horse were best friends. Lola was a pink unicorn with a sparkly purple mane and an orange horn. Mocha was a creamy brown colored horse. One day Lola started saying unicorns are the only cool animal. Mocha, and lots of other animals were sad. The next day a strange platypus waddled into town with a strange machine following close behind. Mocha walked up to the animal and asked who he was. The platypus said that his name was Tony, and if Lola paid $2 she could get her very own custom horn. Mocha excitedly pulled $2 out of her wallet, and then picked out a shiny blue horn. As Mocha walked away Tony packed up his stuff and walked back out of town. The next day, Lola and Mocha were playing down at Honey Pond when a hunter named Smoe Johnson snuck up behind the two friends and tried to attack Mocha. Lola screamed and Mocha whirled around just in time. Lola and Mocha ran and ran all the way back to their homes. Posted on their doors was a sign reading, “Do you want to become rich? If you do, try to capture Creamy brown unicorns with shiny blue horns. You can be paid up to $100,000,000 dollars for these rare unicorns!” Mocha was scared. Mocha called Lola and told her that she no longer wanted to be a unicorn, especially because she was being hunted. Lola told Mocha that she would not be cool, but Mocha didn’t care. Mocha told Lola that if she were a real friend she would understand. Mocha wanted to be herself, so she took one last glance in the mirror, and then she unhooked the horn from her head. From then on Mocha didn’t change, she stayed true to herself, and for that she became the most liked animal in town.