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January 2017

Speak Up Survey

Please take the survey by January 27. The results are useful to us and will assist us when we apply for grants from the IDOE Office of eLearning.

Pivot Help Desk

All staff have access to the training modules at the Pivot Help Desk at

THIS LINK on Five-Star's Pivot site.

Website Changes

If you have been to you will have noticed the added features on the front pages.

In order for the site to remain ADA compliant, we made some necessary adjustments to the appearance. You now have the ability to enlarge or reduce the size of the font on the pages, as well as change the background color should you wish. Clicking the "Revert" button will take your screen back to the original version after any manual changes have been made.

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Warm up with these HOT Digital Tools


Plickers - here is a link to their site and HERE is a link to a YouTube tutorial that is awesome.


Formative - also known as GoFormative, is linked here.

A great YouTube tutorial can be found HERE.

Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype, offered by Microsoft Education, is a super way to connect with other classrooms, take virtual field trips, and visit with specialists anywhere around the globe.

More info can be found HERE and HERE.

Breakout EDU

BreakoutEDU is a hot new trend in education.

Find more BreakoutEDU resources on YouTube HERE.

Did you Know?

When given the option to "Sign in with Google" it is always safe to do so.
SWDCSC - We are the future!

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