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Parent Weekly Newsletter on All Things Dwight

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Building Teacher Leaders

Thank you, Mrs. Neuharth, for conducting an impromptu SmartBoard training in PLC on Thursday! Mrs. Neuharth showed the team some of the basic functions of our MAXELL Interactive Projectors. Please reach out to the coaches if you have questions on how to use your projector. Thanks, Ms. Neuharth!

Proud Teacher Moment!

Mr. Sonnen had students make bumper stickers to engage them in learning about Loyalists vs. Patriots. He challenged his students to make the best bumper stickers and his studentsmade sure to request that Sonnen actually post their work on his truck. So he did. Thank you, Mr. Sonnen, for always striving to make learning fun for your students!!!!


Ms. Mercedes Aguirre, our Spanish teacher, is requesting empty shoeboxes and colorful tissue paper so that the Spanish students can begin creating altars for Dia De Los Muertos! Thank you, Ms. Aguirre, for planning special lessons and activities to celebrate this special day!
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Ramona Neuharth, ELA Teacher

Fun Facts about Mrs. Neuharth:

  • Birthday: February 16th
  • How many years have you been teaching? 4 years
  • What is your favorite thing about teaching? Building relationships with my students and watching them succeed
  • What do you love about DMS? I love my team and how much we support each other
  • Favorite foods: arroz con pollo
  • Favorite quote: "Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve"

Peer Reviews in Neuharth's Class!

Speaking of Ms. Neuharth, her class worked on kernal essays this week. Pictured here are her 8th graders collaborating and peer-reviewing the essays. Awesome job, Ms. Neuharth!
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Fundamental Five

Don't forget to implement Fundamental Five strategies in your teaching! It's 5 different strategies that are considered best teaching practices!

1. Framing the Lesson

2. Work in the Power Zone

3. Write Critically

4. Frequent, Small-Group Purposeful Talk

5. Recognize and Reinforce