Why We Should Separate from Britain

Massachusetts Edition

We have been denied our rights as common Englishmen. We have limitations Englishmen do not have. Great Britain has treated us unfairly and has abused their power as owner of the colonies.

Why We're Ready to Govern Ourselves


We believe that Britain will continue trading with the colonies because they can't afford to go without our raw resources. If they try to enforce an embargo we can simply wait them out untill they cave in.


We can have our own government so we can represent ourselves. Right now we have British representatives making choices for our colonies, we should have our own leaders and representatives governing us. We already have a council of leaders now we just need to rid of the British.


We will finally have freedom from unfair British oppression. No more biased taxes, no more closing our port, no more having to quarter British troops, and no more British controlled government.