Weekly Update

September 15, 2019


*Remember that Anna Cadden is our contact person for Hospitality. Please let her know of any needs your team or any others may have so that our whole school family can jump in to help.

*Continue to send info to those parents who have not joined Seesaw.

*Check the Master Calendar for important dates (This week: Guiding Coalition meeting Monday, Teacher's meeting Wednesday, Bookclub with Rebecca Thursday, Progress Reports go home Friday.)

Meetings with Delegation

Dr. Pew sent out an email last week about upcoming meetings that will be held in our district. This is a time for our delegation to hear about what is happening in A1 and how they can better support us. If you chose to attend, you will receive PD credit by signing up in Performance Matters.

There are three sessions being offered:

Wednesday, September 25th at Powdersville Elementary School from 3:45-5:00

Wednesday, October 2nd at Wren High School Auditorium from 3:45-5:00

Wednesday, October 16th at Palmetto Middle School Auditorium from 3:45-5:00

Students with IEP's

As we continue to work with students with specific learning disabilities and seek ways to help them grow, I wanted to let you know our plan for their time in resource. If you have students who are being pulled out for their resource instruction, Miranda will be utilizing a program called Reading Horizons in addition to pulling in other resources to possibly aide in comprehension and writing. This is a specialized program which the district has seen good results from in the past year. In addition to their minutes in resources, they need to have guided reading from you and time to independently read books on their levels. Please make sure you have spent time looking at your schedule to ensure they are not missing guiding reading and/or conferring with you. This piece is extremely important to their growth in reading in addition to their time spent being taught utilizing Reading Horizons.

As we have analyzed our school's data, students with specific learning disabilities are a group that we want to target in order to increase their academic growth. As you meet in your PLC's, please make sure you are looking at ways to help these students who struggle with learning to become successful. Remember, All Means All.


Our lunch team has worked really hard to allow you to have duty free lunch while trying to make it manageable for our team to watch all of the students in the cafeteria. After many, many different strategies and ideas, we are throwing in the white flag. We have come to the realization that it is just too many kids for so few adults.

We still want you to have duty free lunch as much as possible, but we need your help. I am asking you to please eat with your class on the day that you have your extended planning for PLC's. Also, because we will have one grade level a day in the cafeteria along with our lunch team, if you see something that needs to be addressed, please feel free to do so.

I am sorry that we were unable to continue every day duty free, but after having two kids walk out without one of us being aware and with the inability to manage so many students in such a big area, I felt it was best to go this route. Thank you to many of you who expressed such kind words to all of us as we worked to provide this time for you.

Reading PD

K-2 teachers attended reading PD this week at West Pelzer. I was able to go with first grade for a short time and see Kristie Curran model in one of the West Pelzer classrooms. This was such a beneficial time, and we were able to learn so much. It was valueable to see lessons being taught in a school like ours and to watch as a master teacher modeled "Grand conversations", conferring, and a reading mini-lesson.

3rd-5th grade teachers will be going soon to see Lyndsey Reys for their reading PD. I hope you will look forward to this time as I truly believe you and your students will benefit from this time with her.


We would like to meet with K, 1, & 2 teachers this week during your PLC time to reflect on last week's PD. We will come to you.


As your students begin to take MAP, please encourage them to work hard and do their very best. Let them know that this test will measure what they need to learn in the coming months so they need to really try in order for us to have an accurate picture of what they need to learn. We hope to utilize this data much more this year to help you guide your instruction in your classrooms.

GT Course

Many of you expressed interest in the GT courses being offered through our district. These two courses are $300 each which is a lot cheaper than taking them independently through a university. Mrs. Harrison said that she had only one of our teachers signed up as of now and very few from other schools. She needs at least 10 for the course to make. If you plan to take the courses, please email Mrs. Harrison as soon as possible.


As you know, last week was extremely hot. On days like we had last week, our dismissal team is miserable. In addition to the hot weather, when you stand between the cars, the exhaust is extra hot along with the asphalt pulling in heat as well. You can help us so much when you are on duty by making sure students are quiet and listening for their names. When they do not come out the first time they are called, it is holding up the entire dismissal process. Our goal is to finish as quickly as possible to get out of the heat and to get you off of duty.

The following cars are always first in line. If you have one of these students, please allow them to go ahead and walk out at 2:35 so that we can begin moving the line.

Dayne Davis

Will Kitchen

Courtney Lindsay

Serenity Kelly

Peyton and Bryson Arflin

LJ Watson

Ava & Kera Mitchell

Samantha Jones

Again, please help students listen for their names and make sure they get up and come out quickly when you are on duty. Thank you in advance!

Purple Keys

Many students are receiving purple lanyards and keys. When you see these students, congratulate them for being Elite! They receive treats on Fridays in the cafeteria. We are so very proud of them!

Mindfulness Mornings

Announcements will be made at 8:00 with the music beginning immediately after. Many of you have commented about the benefits of this time for both you and your students. Our students really need this time to gather themselves before beginning their days.

Parent Contact

Now that we are halfway through the first nine weeks, make sure you staying in contact with your parents. They are your first line of defense if you have concerns so please use them to help!


There was a rumor going around at the middle school Friday that Victoria had passed away. I spoke with Francis today. She did take Victoria back to the hospital because she was not feeling well. Her electrolytes are not where they should be so they are trying to get them up. She also has a place on her side that could be infection. I know you are keeping her in your prayers every day. She really needs them!

See you tomorrow!