How to View Private Instagram?

View Private Instagram Account!

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You might be annoyed about seeing some meme accounts being private! Yes, it can be pretty annoying.

Many Instagram viewer websites and apps are claiming that by using their site’s feature of the private Instagram viewer, you can see the private Instagram profile of anyone you want, but they are all hoaxes, in my opinion.

Now it is possible to view private accounts of Instagram with a simple click. It covers two options to see the private profiles. Go with this blog and enjoy reading how to see a

Private Instagram?

How Does Instagram’s Private Account Work?

Some of the most famous brands are constantly changing their account from public to private Instagram accounts. It only limits the visibility to the people who follow you because any non-followers who want to see your account has to submit a follow request.

So why is it important to transform into a private account? What’s wrong with being public? These might be the questions you want the answers to, right and to view private Instagram.

Let me get this straight, there’s surprising traction in the idea of adding a barrier to fans wanting to follow you, although it sounds strange.

Every Instagram is private by default, you can change the account to private by going to the settings and then tapping on the ‘privacy and Security’ option. Select the ‘account privacy’ tab and then tap on the sliding private account button.

Check the websites to view Private Instagram Profiles


In this section, we would be guiding you about how to use see private Instagram safely without compromising your data and personal information, and we ensure you it works in reality. Seeprivateinsta has the easy steps that lead you to view the target account even within minutes. Following are the steps to cover correctly, and you are good to see the activities of the target person.


Instagram is one of the popular social media where people share photos, videos, and chitchat with family, friends, and colleagues but put the privacy to access it. Try InstaLooker for Viewing Private Instagram. It is a very easy method to view private Instagram without breaking policies.

How to View someone’s private Instagram profile on the browser?

There you go -

  • Go to the tool using the appropriate button.
  • Enter your target’s username
  • Confirm the username
  • Look at the details carefully
  • Choose what you would like to view.
  • Confirm the user after looking at the details.

Public Account Vs. Private Account

Public profile, obviously everyone who follows you can see your posts and activities and it is very much easier to find the person and follow him/her. Still, in the case of Private accounts, one can be viewed only if the person approves the request of the follower.

The private account has some restrictions where only a selected number of people can view your profile. If you don’t mind sharing your life publically and have a business account, then a public profile is the best solution for you.

A public profile can create more exposure and engagement to your account, while private accounts can give a mysterious outlook for the product you’re branding.

Frequently Ask Questions

How to view private Instagram profiles without following no survey?

If you download an app called then it might allow you to watch specific information and posts that are private. On the page you just have to type the username you want to check and after the process is complete. But anyway again it will lead you to the unnecessary download of other apps. Ultimately, it doesn’t work.

How to get the Instagram username of the private account user?

The username can be obtained by going to the profile of the user on Instagram. The name displayed on their profile is the username. You will have to copy it and paste it on the profile viewer website.

Is viewing a private profile by using Instagram viewer illegal?

Using this method is unethical. Since cyber laws differ for each country, you might have to check to ensure whether it is legal in your country. Most countries see this as an illegal activity but don’t enforce the law with vigor.

The Bottom Line

Can we look into the Instagram profile of anyone by using some techniques you find on the Internet? The simple answer is NO, at least for the time being. Before starting this article, I tried all the methods listed in this article, and to my surprise, none of them worked.