by: Dominika Mac Period:3

What Is TIA?

TIA stands for This Is Africa. This means that no one can help or fix Africa because the government is so bad and there are rebel groups taking over towns and there is slavery happening. So when Africans say T.I.A it's means that they can't do anything about there life to make it better because Africa will never change. No one can do anything to change Africa because no one would listen.

How is TIA connected to African Imperialism?

T.I.A. is connected through African Imperialism because when France, Spain, Germany, Italy and other countries took a piece of land from Africa the Africans that lived on the bought land from the countries had to take order from them like learn their language. The Africans couldn't do anything about it because they live in Africa and they have no weapons or good government. and they would say T.I.A

How is TIA connected to Africa slavery?

T.I.A. is connected to African Slavery because in the film, "Blood Diamonds" people from all around the world wanted diamonds so they can sell it for thousands of dollars. These people had guns so they could control the Africans and tell them what to do since they didnt have any guns and forced Africans to search for diamonds all day and night. The Africans would say T.I.A. because they couldn't do anything to make anything better because they live in Africa.
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How is TIA connected to Blood Diamonds?

T.I.A is connected in the film, "Blood Diamonds" because when Danny Archer was about to kill Colonel Coetzee, he said, "T.I.A". Colonel Coetzee knew that he was going to die and couldn't do anything about it because he was in Africa and this is how life is in Africa. It is also connected in the film when Danny Archer meets Maddy Bowen for the first time and says she their as a news reporter. Danny got angry and said, "T.I.A" because he said that she can't do anything to help Africa get better because it's so messed up.