Coniferous Forest

By: Kacey Kirby 7th period Mrs. Humphires


Yearly Precipitation: 12-33 inches o rainfall per year

Temperatures: -40 to -20 and in the summer its usually 10 degrees Celsius.

Abiotic Factors...

Abiotic Factors: All the non-living organisms in an environment.

Some Abiotic factors (non-living) things in the Coniferous Forest are

Very moist air



Cold temperatures (-20 to -40)

and rainfall (300-900 millimeters a year)

These things can all be found in the Coniferous forest located in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Plant Life...

Biotic Factor: All the living organisms in an environment.

All plant life is biotic. Here are some plants in the Coniferous Forest.

Saskatoon Berry: a western service berry that looks like a blueberry.

Salal: Leafy shrub, native to Western North America.

Beaked Hazelnut: Shrubby hazel found in North America.

Nootka Rose: 2-10 foot tall light pink flower native to Western North America

Thimbleberry: Species of Rubus native to Northern and western America.

All of these plants grow in soil called Podzols and it's acidic soil.

Animal Life...

Biotic Factor: All the living organisms in an environment.

All animal life is biotic (living) here are some animals in the Coniferous Forest.

White Tail Deer: Also known as Whitetail, this deer is a medium size native to the US

Woodpecker: With a scientific name of Picidae these birds are all a family worldwide except in very few places.

North American Beaver: Native to North America , and usually called "beaver,"

Reindeer: Also called Caribou, it's native to North America and many other country's.

Reeves Munjac: With a scientific name of Muntiacus Reevesi and introduuced toward places Southeastern.

Why Do We Need This Biome???

We need the Coniferous Forest because this biome provides a safe environment for many animals like the woodpecker and different deer. Without this biome these animals would most likely go to extinction or not have shelter and eventually die. The Coniferous Forest also extends large forests over the Northern hemisphere. This is important again for the animals and because of trees. These trees have seeds, fruits and pine on them which is important because they are plants and food for animals.

How do Humans Effect This Biome???

Humans effect this biome in many ways, one number one problem/way we effect this biome is cutting down trees for or own needs like skiers. We effect many animals when we do this and also its not very good for our environment in general. Another is the acid rain and burning fossil fuels, these make the trees look like old brown trees with no leafs which makes it look dead.

How Can We Protect This Biome???

We can help this biome by making less ski slopes which means we cant cut down lots of trees. Instead of cutting down trees we should be planting more trees by doing this it helps the environment and many animals. We can also start pulling out our recycling bins and start to recycle which helps save trees.

What Is This Biome Known For???

This biome is important because it holds many forests, but its also known for being kinda chilly/cold. This biome has very long winters and short summers. This biome also has many different species of plants and animals, this is how they need the weather in this biome to survive.
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Interesting Facts...

Some interesting facts about the Coniferous Forest is that the living things there can survive the long winters and short summers. Also some of the trees there are pretty different then ones you can see just anywhere, the Cypress and the Redwood grow to be about 20 meters high.