"PEEK at PEAK" - Fifth Grade News

January 13 - Happy New Year!


Thursday, January 30th: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

You are invited to our Winter PEAK Open House. This is a come and go style Open House. We are excited to showcase both topic study and science work!



  1. Students can work on their feature magazine article from home. It is saved in their Drop Box.

January Work Sessions

I have tried to vary days and times of the optional work sessions. Please RSVP so I know who to expect. I will definitely need to know if you are attending the Saturday session because I will give out my cell number so you can call to get into the building.

· Monday, January 13 – 7:45 AM

· Friday, January 17 – 7:45 AM

· Saturday, January 18 - 9:30 AM – noon

· Wednesday, January 22 – 3:45 – 6:30 (kids who are at Warren Hills can stay if they have classroom teacher approval)

· Thursday, January 23 – 8:00 AM

· Monday, January 27- 7:45 AM

· Wednesday, January 29- 7:45 AM


Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: We have a lot going on in Topic Study! Students are finishing projects, answering their essential question, and preparing notes for display. We have really focused on depth of learning through our note taking and projects. It is important to note that the projects are 100% student completed. My focus this year has been on process not product. We have emphasized depth of learning. Additionally, It is important for the students to learn what a finished project "looks" like without modifications from adults. This is a huge step in the learning process. I am so proud of the students' effort and unique interpretation to their independent research project.

  • Math: We will introduce Algebra next week.

  • Science: Today we finished the final solar collector experiment write up. Groups also made a chart recording the results from all 6 solar experiments. We also made cover sheets to our lab portfolios (homework if not finished in class). Next week, groups will brainstorm what type of solar collector they want to make for our solar collector contest. At the conclusion of the contest, we will award certificates for a variety of achievements.

Theme Study:

  • Today we worked on writing our feature magazine article rough drafts. Students were actively engaged in the writing process! Each student put his/her writing in their personal Drop Box account so they could work on it at home if desired.

New Apps are where it's at ---

We have learned the following new Technology Applications:

  • Evernote ---for Theme Study
  • Symbaloo - "PEAK PAD"
  • Drop Box
  • S'more poster
  • Padlet
  • Google Docs
  • Create a Graph
  • Live Binders --- for Topic Study
  • Edmodo (review)
  • Thinglink