Interview with Margaret White

" Neighborhood Nutcase "

Failed Interview of the month

Today, as an editor, I almost drove myself to insanity.

Margaret White, mother of one/ widower/Christian Fundamentalist, has explained that our children are "in danger." As soon as I walked up to this house, I was skeptical if I should walk in or not. The paint was peeling from the house interior; the screen door had multiple holes in it, but hey, business is business. I walked through the door and was greeted by the burning of incense and unholy like chanting. I knocked on the wall and heard a thump above me, then a collapse down the stairs. She came up to me, fists beating on my chest, saying " let the sin escape you before you come into the house that is sacred." She was repeating it and repeating it, I was questioning whether i should leave while I can but as soon as I tried she pulled me right into the living room and sat me on a nearby stool. She screamed at me " THE YOUTH OF TODAY IS IN GRAVE DANGER!!" I was done with the funny business so I gathered ,y things and left. The madness of one house is good enough for an editor my age. I should quit. Could probably invest in a nice asylum, become an occupant of it.

Prom Nightmare

Disaster struck at a Chamberlain Maine high school as millions of students die in massive wild fire. The cause of the fire is unknown but many of the students who made it out alive are putting the blame on Carrie White. Suspect of the recently deceased, Sue Snell, had conjured that Chris Hargensen and and her boyfriend, Billy had put Carrie White to shame on prom night by pouring profuse amounts of pigs' blood atop her, also killing Carrie's prom date Tommy Ross. Carrie later and stormed out of the prom, apparently causing mass destruction, by using "telekinesis." The cause of this wild destruction is still unknown. Suspects are still being questioned.

Teddy's Amoco Gas Station

Are you 15? Do you want to make $7 a day? Do you need a job so your parents will stop bothering you about getting out of the house and getting a job? Well come on down to Teddy's Amoco Gas Station for a job today. Come on down quickly because jobs are going fast.