Ancient Greece and China Militaries

By: Cyrus Spicer

Greek Military 5 Facts

1. The Greeks used spears, swords, axes, and bows.

2. The Greeks wore chain mill under the metal armor they wore.

3. Another type of armor they wore was bronze armor.

4. The shields the Greeks used where in a circular shape.

5. To be lighter in battle they wore leather or laminated linen corselet.

China Military 5 Facts

1. China would use cross bows, knifes, swords.

2. At times they would wear leather under their armor.

3. As ancient China got more advanced they started wearing more heavy plated armor.

4. They used circular shape shields.

5. One other armor they wore light plated armor.


1. Greeks wore metal armor and China wore plated armor.

2. Greeks would wear chain armor under their real armor and China would wear leather armor under their real armor.


1. Both had a circular shape shield.

2. They both wear light armor in different times in battle.