II. Warrior Electronic Textbook

A short walk-through to access your Pearson e-textbook

1. Go to Pearson website:


Click Register Here to start the registration process.
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2. Register

Click Register in the Teachers section on the left and certify that you are a teacher.
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3. Enter your access code.

Open your flyer/postcard from Pearson (also known as Prentice Hall) to locate your Product Access Code (school code).
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4. Enter your school code.

  • Enter your code.
  • Start typing the school name or zip code in the School field until the school name appears.
  • Select our school.
  • Click Next.
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5. Enter personal information.

  • Enter your name and school email address.
  • Click Next.

6. Review Account Information

  • Review the information.
  • Click Back is you need to correct any information.
  • Click Finish if everything is correct.

7. Log in!

Log in at www.pearsonsuccessnet.com using your username and password.

8. Add your textbook to your account.

  • Click Add Products.
  • Select the textbooks for your course(s) to add them to your account and click Save.
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9. Let's open your e-book!

  • Click on HOME tab.
  • Click on Teacher Edition.

10. Explore the possibilities...

This is your electronic textbook. Take a few minutes and explore the left column. Resources abound!
  • Table of Contents - just as it would be in the hard-bound book.
  • Special Features and Multimedia - infographics, maps, and chapter related videos!
  • Teacher Resources - project ideas, review material, assessments, etc.
  • Multimedia by Chapter - Subject specific documentaries and video clips aligned with the objectives of each chapter.
  • Notes - Your notes are captured and saved here.
  • Bookmarks - Mark pages for future reference.
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Take a few minutes to click on the links. Explore!

Show and Tell Time

Share: What resource did you find while exploring your textbook that you could use in the future?

Where do you go from here?

Now that we "discovered" these new tools and resources, I have a question:

How could you use the e-textbook to infuse technology into your lessons?

Share your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues here: PollEv.com/jcoe

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