Since You've Been Gone

By Morgan Matson

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Plot: Emily is a shy and quite girl, and her and her best friend Sloane have the whole summer planed out. Then Sloane disappears right before the summer even stars, leaving Emily only a list of random thing to do over the summer. But how will she be able to do the things Sloane has left for her when she cant stop thinking about where in the world her best friend went? Read Since You've Been Gone to find out what Emily will do and how she will search for Sloane.

Conflict: The main conflict is Emily trying to find a way to enjoy the summer and be her own person without her best friend.

Main Characters: Emily, Sloane, Matt, Collins.

Main Setting: Summer, Stanwhich (Town), Emily's House

Genre: Non-Fiction

Theme: Don't be afraid to take risks, in my opinion is the main theme.


I would give this book 4/5 stars. I would give it this rating because the overall plot was good and wasn't overly predictable, which made it fun to read. Also the characters were very well developed, but at some points the book was slow, and that made the book boring at times.


I would recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction. Also to people who like books about people over coming challenges, and taking risks.

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