Hippenmasse + Plate Painting

By: Ola, Lesly, Evelyn, Allysa

Plate Painting

The painting on the plate is to make the meal more neat and appealing.

  • Decorating plates with sauce can be an integral part of most any dish.
  • It adds flavor, moisture, color, texture and flow.
  • Plate painting is using one or more colored sauces used to create a visually appealing pattern or design.
  • Sauces used must be thick enough to hold the pattern once it is created.


  • Chef's use batter to create intricate designs; they then bake the designs to become rigid.
  • They uses a piping bag to create intricate designs
  • It is then baked to form crisp, rigid, cookie-like garnishes
  • This technique is used to create height & add texture.
Hippen Masse and Wafers
Cooking with Johan - Plate Painting