Defeating ISIS

by John Cotter

The Issue

ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organization, that has terrorized the United States and other countries for years now. They have repeatedly recruited United States citizens that are of Islamic decent and sent them on deadly missions throughout US. This issue isn't very controversial because ISIS is killing innocent Americans.

Trump's Plan to Defeat ISIS

Trump has a different plan than Barack Obama. Instead of making very small progress from the air, Donald Trump wants to put boots on the ground and fight ISIS. Trump wants to put the US soldiers at the oil fields and bring the oil back to the US. If Trump does take the oil it will cut Saudi Arabia's source of money.

What do Republicans in Congress Plan to do about the issue?

Most republicans in congress would plan on putting troops on the ground. They want to follow Trump's plan and also air strike the oil fields and take the oil. Doing this will take ISIS' money supply.

Hillary Clinton's Plan to Defeat ISIS

Hillary Clinton has a similar plan to Barack Obama to defeat ISIS. Hillary wants to fight ISIS from the air like Barack, but she wants to intensify the fight. Hillary also wants to shut down ISIS social media to eliminate all ISIS recruiting.

What do the Democrats Plan do to about the issue?

The Democrats have a similar plan to Hillary Clinton. The Democrats want to avoid putting troops on the ground. Without putting troops on the ground means that they will have to intensify the airstrikes.

What Organizations are trying to fix the issue and are trying to hurt the isse?

There are many military organizations from many different countries that are working very hard to fix this issue. There is only one organization that is trying to hurt this issue and that is ISIS it's self.

My Opinion

My opinion in the fight against ISIS is more pro Trump. I think that we should put troops on the ground because ISIS is going to far with these terrorist attacks. But also think that we should intensify the air strikes at the same time.