Obesity in America

A plan to save the world

What's going on?

Due to the creation of fast food, delivery, cable TV and a prospering service economy, people are now doing less and eating more. With more obesity in America, many diseases like Type Two Diabetes and Hypertension have grown rapidly out of natural proportions. With all these people becoming ill and requiring hospitalization, we, as in everybody else, are stuck with some of the costs. Not only are we stuck with the cost, but we are stuck with the stereotype of fat Americans. It is not wholly the fault of the American people, but largely the fault of the corporations glorify and advertise the unhealthy food options that people are tricked into thinking is the best option for them to consume.

The solution

A Bill To Tax Unhealthy Food Options

We are proposing a bill to tax food options that we all know to be unhealthy. Foods like greasy cheeseburgers, buckets of chicken wings, and salty french fries. We will tax these and other well known foods, and use the tax money to support the selling and distribution of healthy foods. When corporations are taxed, they will likely produce less of the unhealthy foods that we do not want them to produce, and more of the foods that people should be eating, and will be eating due to their rational self interest. We need your support for this bill to save the Americans who are trapped in this horrible system. The goal of this bill is not to remove these foods, but to dissuade people from these options.