EC Team Meeting

April 8, 2016


Happy Birthday, Debra! April 1st

Happy Birthday, Brian! April 3rd

Happy Birthday, Irene! April 10th

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PK3 Updates

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Robbie will send us flyer with list of schools.

working on an FAQ for the transition from PK3 to PK4 (registration process, etc.).

Use terms "full school day" and "tuition pre-k"


57/300 were missing something

Send out email asking for TL for next year.

Tuition Update

388 tuition so far

Summer Professional Development

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EC behavior pd session in September

Grant Update

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PK Team Leader Meetings

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North- April 20th (Brian will not be here)

South- April 27th




PK3 Registration Q&A

Music & Language

PK Giveaway- (clean out offices and bring to CAC by Wednesday morning)

Goodbye to Brian!

Book Study

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May Newsletter

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Who's turn? Sylina, Jacquie, Liana, Robbie PK3

General Information that needs to be in the newsletter:

  • Institute session descriptions
  • Summer PD flyer again
  • TLI Engage PK4 & PK3 May 2-13

PK3- Inventory, New PK3 Campuses

Next Meeting

Proposed date: Wednesday, April 20th 12:00-1:30