Louis Pasteur


Have you been infected with the polio virus, measels virus, or chickenpox virus? If not, you can thank Louis Pasteur for inventing the vaccines. The invention of vaccinations has helped to prevent the spread of deadly viruses.

This is who he is.

Louis Pasteur a doctor, inventor, chemist, and a scientist.

He was born December 27, 1822 in Dole, France and he died September 28, 1895.

Wonderful Facts

Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization to help keep people from getting sick from milk, he also studied the immune system, to help him see inside the body and to help figure out which vaccines could fix which disease or sickness in the body. Louis spent many years reaserching and teaching at Dijon Lycee which is a very cool school. As you can see in the picture below this is what Dijon Lycee looks like.
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What other things did the inventor invent?/What skills did the inventor have?/How did the invention happen

The vaccines were a great success. They have helped a lot of people. He was a chemist, that meant that he studied crystals and other materials. Vaccines have helped people so much! Before vaccines chickenpox had no prevention, but now if you got chickenpox the doctors and nurses can take care of you.

Why was your inventor considered to be a "GREAT INVENTOR OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION"?

Louis Pasture was known as a "GREAT INVENTOR OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" because he found and cured diseases that even doctors didn't know about. Louis Pasteur came up with the most extrodinary invention. He definitaly deserves to be a "GREAT INVENTOR OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION"
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What did he invent?/What was it used for?

Louis Pasteur invented the wonderful vaccine. These vaccines have helped thousands of people stay alive and healthy. Thanks to these amazing vaccines we can cure almost anything. I am so thankful that Mr. Pasteur invented vaccines because without them anyone who was very sick would probably not be here today!

What advantages does the inventor have over the previous way of life?

The advantages of the vaccines.

  1. We can go to the doctor and get shots (flu shot) Back then you couldn't get up and go to the doctor to get a shot.
  2. It has made it much easier for doctors to save patients and keep kids and adults healthy.

Who bennifitted from the invention?/How did it make life easier?

We have benifitted from the vaccines because doctors can help people from getting bad diseases. It has made life easier by helping people stay alive. Louis Pasteur is one of the greatest inventors of all time.

Famous quote from Louis Pasteur

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Here is a short video of Louis Pasteur