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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ Sept 2

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Picture Day is September 7

If you want to order pictures, please be sure to do so by clicking this link. Picture day is Wednesday, September 7, so be sure to have students wear what you want to see them wearing in this year's school picture.

October Conferences

This is the time of year to sign up for October Family Conferences. This year, they are from 4-8 p.m. on October 12 and 13. This is our chance meet with you about your child and exchange ideas about how to best support each student. This means that we need to meet with every single family about every single student. Sign up on our Sign-up Genius right away so that our teachers and secretaries do not have to spend as much time contacting families. Conferences can be in-person or virtual. Please be sure you are signing up on the correct teacher's list - the first page that opens is Ms. Lund's 5K class. Scroll across the top for the other classes.

Starting the positive way!

It has been a great first two days of school at Lakeview. We are proud of our students and thankful for our teachers. At the beginning of the year, we really focus on the Lakeview expectations. Our 3 expectations are:

• Be safe

• Be respectful

• Be engaged

Those three expectations seems to cover anything that could happen in a school. So on Friday, all students learned how to be safe, respectful, and engaged around the entire school. That means at recess, at lunch, in the office and health room, in the hallways, and yes ... even the restroom! The chart below describes how we teach our 3 expectations in all these places.

Big picture
Over the next week, students will create a chart like this with their teachers about how to be safe, respectful, and engaged within the classroom as well. Why do we do all of this? Because we are trying to create a positive culture where everyone knows how work together at Lakeview so we can focus on academic growth.

We encourage families to use the 3 expectations of "Be safe ~ Be respectful ~ Be engaged" at home as well. This is a good time of year to set up routines such as:
• Arriving home after school

• Homework

• Use of electronics

• Mealtimes

• Bedtime (please be sure students sleep enough)

If you would like to make one together as a family, here is a link to a blank copy to print and use. The trick is to say all of it positively and involve everyone in the process.

Calendar for 2022-23 School Year

Please take the time now to go over the school year calendar and mark dates in your home calendar. Here is the link to the calendar for 5K-5th grade, and here is the link to the calendar for 4K. You can always find these on the district website as well. We depend on you to know these dates and times, including 2:05 early dismissal dates in 2022-23, which happens one Wednesday each month (except in December).

Hoping to Volunteer This Year?

Anyone who volunteers with students in the School District of South Milwaukee must complete a background check. Click this link to complete the process. It is easy to do and it last for two years. Since we have not had many volunteers in the last two years, most people's background checks have expired. It is a great idea to do now, just in case you might volunteer at some point in the next two years.

Looking for a job?

Our Nutrition Services team needs help at all of our schools in South Milwaukee. Come join a great, dedicated team. Click the flyer below for more information.

Other items

• Do you need to register for Before/After Care through the SM Recreation Department? If so, please do that right away so your child is ready for the first day of school. Here is the link to register - it is found on our district website under "Community".

Lunch menus are available on the Lakeview website under the "For Families" tab. Check for menus once we are closer to the start of the school year. If you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch prices (or if you wonder if you qualify), please be sure to see this page for information and complete it right away. This year, lunch is not free for everyone as it was during the pandemic, so be sure to complete this application or ensure your direct certification is complete before school begins.