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1. Election

Assassination of JFK

  • President Kennedy was assassinated when he was shot while visiting Dallas, TX

  • Johnson took the president's oath on the airplane back to Washington with the body of Kennedy

  • Johnson tried to honor Kennedy by keeping things almost the same

Election of 1964

  • Was the most liberal Democrat since Truman

  • His opponent, Barry Goldwater, was extremely conservative

  • Johnson criticized his affection for a large military, while Goldwater tried to tear down the public organizations that Johnson supported
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2. The Great Society

The Great Society

  • The Great Society was Johnson's anti-poverty domestic policy

  • Was extremely popular amongst the public since a large portion of people were impoverished

  • Created the Dept of Transportation and the Dept of Housing and Urban Development

  • Gave aid to students over schools

  • Established Medicare for the elderly and poor

  • Lightened immigration restrictions

  • People said that he wasted too much money for social benefits, but the poverty rate went down during his administration
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3. 24th Amendment

24th Amendment

  • Jan 23, 1964

  • removed the poll tax, allowing poor people to vote, especially blacks

  • People argued that it still didn't provide enough for the blacks

  • In 1966, the poll tax was removed after Harper v. Board

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4. Tonkin and Vietnam

Tonkin Gulf Resolution

  • Happened in August 1962

  • The Navy secretly worked with S. Vietnam against the North

  • N. Viet ships fired on US, probably as self-defense, but Johnson said it was an offensive attack and fought back

  • Johnson passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, giving him discretion to send troops into Southeast Asia

Vietnam War

  • VC began to ambush US bases

  • The North was able to match all the strength of the US and the South so the conflict went on longer than expected, resulting in a stalemate

  • Internationally, the idea of a superpower such as the US going to war versus Vietnam, a very poor country, was frowned upon

  • The Vietnam War was the longest and most publicly disapproved war in US history

  • Johnson's image was also tarnished due to the unpopularity of the war, had to choose between the military and the public

  • The 1968 election was largely based on issues surrounding the war
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5. Civil Rights

Civil Rights Act

  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination based on many different traits

  • Government was able to take an active role in desegregation

Voting Rights Act

  • The vote rate among blacks was very low due to Jim Crow laws and poll taxes

  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965 gave them the freedom to vote, and this significantly increased their turn out in the polls

  • The black population was now an important part of campaigning
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6. 1968

A Watershed Year

  • VC began to make offensive manuevers, delaying the war further

  • Johnson announces his decision to not run again

  • Assassination of Robert Kennedy

  • USSR invades Czechoslovakia

  • S. Vietnam decides to participate in the Paris Peace Talks

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