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January 28, 2019

Canvas 101

Teachers should have received an invitation to the Canvas 101 course. Please accept the invitation and plan on completing this course (it takes about 10 minutes) prior to arriving at the Speed Dating Canvas event on Wednesday, Feb 12.

*Course activities are created to model what a student might see in Canvas. You do not actually have to write a history paper, but please submit something so you can experience the process. I submitted something that said "This is my paper" when I took the course!

If you are interested in being an "Early Adopter" and want to jump in early, let me know. My group is growing!

Big picture

Strive Goal Reminders

Teachers, once you complete/accomplish their Professional and SLO goals in STRIVE, you need to mark them “Complete”. If you have been confused as to why your previous school year’s goals were still sitting in STRIVE when you started this school year, then you forgot this step. So please mark “Complete” once the goal is completed this school year. Once you mark the goal complete an email notification will go to your evaluator and your appraiser can then “Archive” the goal. For more detailed information on the Life of Goals in STRIVE, you can visit this link (although it specifically says Professional goals, the information is relevant to both Professional and SLO goals) https://eduphoria.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011951447-Life-of-Professional-Goals-in-Strive

Google Phishing Quiz

ARe you constantly afraid that you will click on a link in a bad email? Do you have trouble spotting the malicious emails that come through? Try taking the Google Phishing Quiz and see how well you do at differentiating between real and fake emails. This is pretty tough. I got 8/8. Can you match my score??

If you get these emails and feel a need to report them, please submit a ticket in HelpDesk as opposed to sending an email to anyone. HelpDesk is always the most efficient way to let us know there is an issue.


Zoom is an online video conference service that has a FREE version. This is an alternative to Skype, Blackboard Collaborate or Hangouts, and supports free calling up to 40 minutes for up to 3 people, one of whom is the host. One of the great advantages to Zoom is that it will make a recording of your call and allow you to save it to your desktop. If you have a specific need for conferencing with a larger group, please let me know!

PD Opportunity- All Levels: All Roads Lead to Web 2.0 (Online) Feb. 11- Mar. 8

Want to expand your repertoire of various online Web 2.0 tools and to utilize these tools (hands-on) in the classroom but just do not have the time to sit or the opportunity to apply what you learned in an after school staff development? Join us for this ONLINE technology workshop conducted through the FISD Staff Learning Hub. This course will consist of 3 modules utilizing one online Web 2.0 tools per module.

Each module will allow you to explore specific online Web 2.0 tools with resources on how to use these tools. You will be required to submit products utilizing these online tools (per module). You may complete as many modules as you would like and one hour of non-contract professional development hours for each module completed will be earned. This course is designed for classroom teachers only.


We Video

We video is a video editing tool that is available on iPads, phones, and the web (so any computer). If you are preparing to do a video project, please let me know so that I can get you and your kids put in there with licenses. That will give you more options like green screen, media library including pictures, music and video, project collaboration (Collaboration badge anyone?) We only give out licenses for students who are ready to actively use the software, and we will pull licenses once projects are complete.

New Guest Wi-Fi

The district is rolling out a new guest Wifi called FISD-Guest, and it acts differently than the old one. In the past, you simply had to know the password to the Wifi. Now, users are prompted to login. To get a login, they must register, which takes them through a process where they identify themselves and give their email address. They are then emailed a temporary username and password that will work for 3 hours. You can find instructions here that you can distribute to any out of district guests you might be hosting.

The regular Frisco-ISD network should not be affected in any way. Students and staff will still use the same WiFi that we have been using, with the same password. This change is specifically for visitors to our campus. Please encourage guests to use the guest network to help us improve network security.