A Midsummer Night's Dream

By: The Historians

The Best Reenactment of Shakespeare's Classic Tragic/Humorous Play

The Historians will give you the best experience of A Midsummer Night's Drama with entertainment and tragedy, with complete professionalism.


Harneet Singh

Harneet Singh will be playing in the famous play of Midsummer Night’s Dream, Harneet Singh will be the hilarious and very entertaining character named, Nick Bottom. Harneet Singh has experience in being in plays such as Peter Pan. Harneet has the capabilities to have the personality of Nick Bottom as shown in the stories as he can say his script with great intensity, but in a humorous way.

Dheer Naik

The name of the actor is Dheer Naik and he will be playing in a Midsummer Night’s Dream as Peter Quince. He has good acting experience as he has participated in performances in Drama class and he participated in an elementary school play. He wants to be Peter Quince because he is a leader and has great facial and body expressions.

Abishai Nurse

In this modern day adaptation of A midsummer Night’s Dream, Abishai Nurse stars as rogue fair Robin Good fellow also known as Oberon’s number 1 henchmen, Puck. Abishai uses his acting strength by giving his character some attitude as well as humor. Abishai has acted many times in his school as well as other places. He currently stars in his school play as Lysander and played Romeo a few months Prior

Hari Murali

In the modern day creation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hari Murali will be playing a double role of Snout and Flute, even though he does not have a lot of experience he has strengths such as strong body expression, and also a loud and clear voice.

Stanley Thai

In this modern day adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Stanley Thai Stars as Queen Titania. Stanley Thai uses his acting strengths such as his creativity and confidence to take on the role of his character. Stanley has previously played small roles in his school play this 3 Little Pigs and starred as the wolf in a reproduction of Little Red Riding Hood.