Prem Kanta Sehdev

A beautiful, nice, respectful woman

Family is the main important thing in her heart

Prem Kanta, my grandma, is a beautiful woman who is 66. She was born in Phagwara, India, who loves to cook food like Indian, Mexican. Another thing she enjoys is that she loves to sew clothes. An interesting thing she did was that when she was 16, she started to sew clothes. She moved to America with her daughter and son for a better life. In her childhood, when she doesn't want treats or food, she would save it it for her 5 brothers. Something very interesting is that when she was little, she sew clothes for her 2 dolls she had.

A Lesson She Learned

Technology helped her in 2015

In 2015, technology started to help her from us forcing her. When my uncle had an IPhone 5s, he bought a IPhone 6. He never really used his old phone since he bought a new one. But, he thought why don't he give it to her mom. When she started to use the phone, she never really understand how to use it, even when we tried to help her. When we kept teaching her almost everyday, she started to get the hang of it. She learned a lot of thing like messages, calling people, sending photos, and even FaceTime! What is very interesting is that she never had a phone until 2015. Also, the only phone she use to use was the house phone. She stills uses the house phone. Her first phone was when she was 65!! Also, her first phone was IPhone 5s.

Samay Verma

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