changes during pregnancy

kourtney paige gilbert


MOM: you may or may not have morning sickness. your breast can become tender. you breast may appear lumpy. you period will stop. mood changes and frequent urination

baby:baby will be as big as 7mm. by month two the baby will have little folds of skin and begin to develop arms and legs and start to grow fingers. toes and eyes begin to form.

second trimester

mom: you will be noticing a baby bum and belly will continue to get bigger. you might begin to notice small movements that the baby makes.heart burn will begin to happen. cravings will start.

baby: baby can start to squint, frown, grimace, pee and possibly suck their thumb. baby can be as long as 3.5 inches. about 1.5 ounces .at about 23 weeks the baby can be the size of a mango.

third trimester

mom: you might have trouble eating normal sized meals because of the baby taking up so much room. you may be able to breath better heart burn will occur less. may have braxton hicks contractions.

baby: baby can be anywhere from 4-8 pounds during this period. baby can be up to 18.5 inches long. and as the baby develops it the smoothest the skin has ever been

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